Who We Are

The performers and composers of Chimera

About Us

Chimera is a concerted faction of composers and performers who have assembled with the intention of presenting works of contemporary classical music written for as wide an array of performing ensembles as possible. Our objective has been and continues to be “hybridizing” the contemporary music scene so to speak, creating performance opportunities where otherwise little or none exist by seeking out those occasions where it might be possible to program new art music for either blended performing ensembles, or those ensembles that might receive less attention than they deserve. At the same time, in as much as we seek out the seemingly incongruous, we do not shy away from the familiar, though perhaps it will have been illuminated under a peculiar light… Our concerts have presented new works by living composers that represent New England and locales more distant, and our dynamic and polished collective of performers continues to impress audiences. As we continue to present programming in this manner, we hope to spread an awareness of contemporary music as widely as our reach will allow to all manner of concert-goers both within the confines of the traditional concert venue and outside it, to audiences who may or may not regularly engage with this art form.

Chimera is David Vess, Ryan Fossier, Jordan Kabat, Zach Beever, David Angelo, and Andrew Harlan.